Ellie Haga Sculptor

"You have to do art with the
seriousness of children at play"

............................ Jorge Luis Borges


Eleanore Pietruska was born in Stamford, Conn. In 1955, she
received her degree from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York. Upon graduation, she was hired to become a designer at Ford Styling in Dearborn, Michigan. Her interest turned to animation and she became a free lance storyboard artist for Rector Pearce Studios in Detroit, Michigan in 1956.
In 1957, she co-founded Design House Inc., an affiliate company with Group Productions, whose clients included Chevrolet, Chrysler, Coca Cola, Parke Davis, etc., working with the major advertising agencies. She married a General Motors designer, and in 1974 moved to Germany. Her work changed to 3 dimensional sculpture as well as designing a variety of marketing accessories for GM Opel. After a move back to Detroit in 1980, she expanded her creativity to jewelry design, macrame and welding. A move to California in 1983 presented new challenges for her works. She attended Ventura College to study clay, glazing and sculpture moving her creative work in the direction for which she is now known. After the passing of her husband in 1988, the final restoration of several classic cars became a commitment and priority. She moved to Sedona, Arizona in 1995 where she now resides and maintains a gallery featuring a collection of retrospective,
current and ongoing works.

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